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Data Destruction Services

Data Destgruction ServicesHere at E-Cycle Enterprises we take the protection of your data very seriously. We do not take any chances with your information every Hard Drive and Storage device we receive is physically crushed to insure your personal or business information is 100% destroyed without a doubt. We are equipped with an effective Hard Drive destruction center at our warehouse but we also offer on-site destruction if the extra comfort of seeing your information being destroyed in front of you is needed. Every Hard Drive destroyed will come with a Certificate of Destruction(COD) no matter how big or small the job is we want you to know for a fact your information is safe.

Other companies simply wipe their received drives, and SELL them to unchecked clients. Criminals have and will continue to take advantage of less reputable electronics recyclers in order to recover your valuable data. Even if you think your data is not valuable, there are plenty out there who believe otherwise and will take advantage of unrestricted data at every turn. Don’t take that chance instead let E-Cycle Enterprises handle your Data Destruction needs.

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