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About E-Cycle Enterprises

E-Cycle Enterprises LLC offers a secure solution to electronic recycling. We have placed data security at the forefront of our business effectively removing all liability from the recycling process. We were founded on the idea that security is the number one priority when dealing with electronics.

Our company is a trusted E-waste management company and our endeavor is to safely and ethically recycle any and all of your unwanted, outdated or broken electronics.

We are here to help you and your business or community with any electronics disposal needs you might have. From ethical recycling practices to safe and reliable data destruction you can rely on us.

Our mission statement:

Here at E-cycle Enterprises we strive to apply all received material to second use markets when possible. We endeavor to refurbish all items that we receive and reintroduce them back into the community. Our goal is to find sustainable markets for all electronic materials. However, we understand that some situations require the items to be destroyed or disassembled, and we will gladly comply with our client's requirements.

Our recycling expertise spans across multiple industries and trades. A few of the industries that we are equipped to handle are: healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, automobile, mining, electronics, retail, and service industries .

We also recognize that each client will have special needs that need to be filled depending on their respective industry and situation. We are completely prepared to address any concerns or special requests that you might have.

Why choose us?

  • Efficient separation processes for minimal environmental impact and maximum material recovery
  • Inexpensive and effective e-waste solutions through our team of highly skilled and resourceful recovery specialist.
  • Trust and confidence that we will comply with any and all requests in regards to the handling of your items and data.
  • 100% data destruction services ensuring your data is destroyed to government standards
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