Data Destruction

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Data Destruction Services

E-cycle Enterprises provides safe and secure NAID AAA data destruction services for our clients.

We take the security of our clients’ data very seriously. All data containing devices are put through a thorough and efficient destruction process upon entering our warehouse. We want to make sure our clients know without a doubt that their data has been safely and securely destroyed in accordance to government standards.

Being NAID AAA Certified places our company in an elite group of electronics recyclers as few in the industry, let alone the state, are able to comply with their strict operational and ethics policies. Maintaining AAA Certification requires ongoing security and accountability audits administered by NAID’s governing body. This practice ensures that our data destruction processes are held to the absolute highest industry standards.

Our data destruction processes are in accordance with all of the stringent standards listed below:

  • DoD Emergency Destruction Guidelines
  • FCC
  • GDPR
  • IRS 1075
  • NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitization
  • NIST SP 800-36
  • NIST SP 800-88r1
  • NSA/CSS SDDM 9-12
  • PCI DSS 3.2 Data Security Standards

On-Site Data Destruction

For those of our clients who require the utmost security and ease of mind E-cycle offers our NAID AAA Certified on-site data destruction services. Our Data Specialists are able to come out on location with our NSA, HIPPA, NIST, DOD FCC certified Hard Drive Crusher and Degausser to physically destroy your hard drives and other data containing media right in front of you. Our on-site services include both degaussing AND hard drive crushing to ensure absolutely no data is ever able to be accessed from your media again. This service also includes a Certificate of Destruction.

Off-Site Data Destruction

We also offer off-site data destruction in which we come out to your location and place all of your hard drives and other data containing media into secure, locked containers. The media is then transported back to our secure warehouse which is under 24 hour video surveillance and security monitoring. At this point our data destruction specialists will use our NSA, HIPPA, NIST, DOD FCC certified Hard Drive Crusher and Degausser to degauss AND physically destroy your data containing media and hard drives. This service also includes a Certificate of Destruction.


Our NSA, HIPPA, NIST, DOD FCC certified Degausser is the top of the line in terms of both efficiency and reliability. A few features of our device are:

  •  Generation of a 10,000+ Gauss (1 Tesla) magnetic field for complete erasure of hard drives and tape
  • Complete data elimination in ~7 seconds
  • Erases working and non-working hard drives
  • Office quiet

Our degausser exposes the media to a strong magnetic field of sufficient strength to magnetically destroy all data. The magnetic field destroys the data on the drive in approximately 1/10 of a second regardless of the drive’s functionality. Degaussing is recognized by the NSA and DoD as an approved method of secure data destruction.

Hard Drive Crushing

Our NSA, HIPPA, NIST, DOD FCC certified Hard Drive Crusher is capable of destroying your hard drives quickly and completely. The NSA has used this exact model of crusher to destroy sensitive government information and with E-cycle Enterprises you will be able to take advantage of that same level of security and peace of mind. A few features our device features are:

  • Delivery of approximately 15,500 pounds of crushing power to hard drives.
  • High-torque sensing technology allows the crushing wedge to zoom quickly to locate the media then increases torque to maximize crushing power
  • Destroys Hard Drives in less than 18 seconds
  • Quiet and mobile enough to operate in an office without disrupting normal day-to-day operations.

Certificates of Destruction

We provide highly detailed and secure Certificates of Destruction which include:

  • A photo of the hard drive just after it has been degaussed and right before it is crushed
  • The date and time of which each individual hard drive has been destroyed
  • The name of the data specialist who destroyed your media
  • The results of the degaussing process as well as conformation of a successful pass
  • The serial numbers of each individual piece of media destroyed

The security of your data is of great importance to us and we strive to provide you with complete and thorough reporting on the destruction of your data. Data security can be a stressful situation and we do our best to make our clients feel as secure and as comfortable as possible to set their minds at ease about the destruction of their data. Few other companies have a Certificate of Destruction process as detailed and complete as E-cycle Enterprises. Click here for an example of our Certificate. (Hard Drives pictured are sample drives and did not come from one of our clients.)

Secure Transportation

Whether you opt for our On-Site or Off-Site services we secure your data containing media into secure locked containers for transport in our locked, enclosed truck to ensure that there is no possibility of your data getting stolen or misplaced. Once back at our secure warehouse your materials will immediately be moved inside the facility where it will remain in locked containers under 24 hour video surveillance and security monitoring until destroyed.