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Electronics Recycling in Arlington, TX

E-Cycle provides Arlington, TX, commercial businesses with electronics recycling and data destruction services. We maintain a 100% EPA- and R2-compliant e-waste recycling operation and are extremely proud of this fact. The electronics we recycle for businesses are cell phones, laptops, desktops, various components of networking equipment, and more. We do this to ensure that harmful, toxic, electronic waste stays out of our already-crowded landfills.

Studies have shown that over 80% of the toxic waste in our landfills can be traced back to the improperly disposed of electronics currently inhabiting them. The need for proper electronics recycling and awareness is only going to increase as technology becomes more omnipresent in both our professional and personal lives. As such, it is our privilege to provide commercial businesses with proper data destruction and electronics recycling in Arlington, TX.

Immediate Onsite Data Destruction Service in Arlington, Texas

We also ensure that we take the proper care to fully protect the company and client information housed in the hard drives on your electronic devices. Many electronics recyclers will simply wipe the drives before reselling them. Wiping hard drives is not perfect and still tends to leave information scraps that can be garnered by those of ill repute. It is for this reason that we utilize a crushing press to fully destroy the internal components of your hard drives before we properly sort and recycle its components. We can even destroy your drives in your presence, at your place of business, if you wish.

If your business is moving or replacing equipment and you need data destruction or electronics recycling in Arlington, TX, call us today! We will recycle all electronics, including monitors, computers, networking, and telecommunications equipment. We will even help you get rid of other unnecessary office equipment such as furniture. We can help you get rid of all unwanted office equipment and supplies!