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Fort Worth Electronics Recycling Services and Data Destruction

E-Cycle Enterprises conducts commercial electronics recycling for businesses, medical networks, and educational facilities located in Fort Worth, TX. We pride ourselves on being 100% compliant with the EPA and the R2 regulations in regard to the proper recycling of computers, printers, cell phones, laptops, and various components of network infrastructure. It is important to properly recycle your unwanted electronics as it helps keep harmful electronic waste out of our landfills and waste dumps. Numerous industry surveys suggest that over 80% of the toxins in our landfills were born from the improper disposal of electronic equipment.

Taking advantage of our Fort Worth electronics recycling services helps ensure the security of your confidential information, as well as the security of our natural ecosystem. This is certainly something of importance as technology becomes more ubiquitous in our personal and professional lives.

Our aim at E-Cycle Enterprises is to help mitigate the damage done by improper disposal of unwanted commercial electronics. In pursuit of this aim, we provided hassle-free recycling of electronics and e-waste in Fort Worth, Texas, and the surrounding areas. If you are wanting to get rid of old monitors, desktops, laptops, telecommunication, networking equipment, and more, contact us today!

Rapid Onsite Data Destruction Service in Fort Worth, Texas

At E-Cycle Enterprises we also ensure that any electronics that may contain sensitive information are handled appropriately. Sometimes, other electronics recycling companies will simply wipe hard drives before either reselling them or disposing of them. However, it is possible for scammers to get their hands on wiped drives and attain some scraps of personal and confidential information. Thankfully, our technicians make sure to remove all hard drives from your electronics and physically destroy them with crushing tools, either in your presence or after we have collected them. The immense pressure reduces the hard drives to completely useless scrap, from which no information can ever be gained. We keep your company, employees, and customers' information safe with our Fort Worth-area data destruction services.