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Electronics Recycling in San Antonio, Texas

Businesses, industries, medical networks, places of education in San Antonio, TX, now have a safe, EPA and R2 compliant option for recycling computers, network infrastructure, printers, cell phones, laptops, and electronics. By recycling your unwanted electronics you are keeping harmful electronic waste out of garbage dumps and landfills. Multiple industry surveys and studies have estimated that well over 80 percent of toxins currently in landfills is the result of the careless disposal of electronic equipment. In using E-Cycle Enterprises electronic recycling services, you are ensuring the security and confidentiality of all of your electronic data as well as protecting the environment. As businesses continue to become more reliant on the use of technology in everyday practice, the need for practical and reliable hardware disposal becomes ever more necessary. E-cycle is here to serve this purpose.

It is our privilege to provide hassle free electronics recycling solutions for out of date, unwanted or broken electronics including; electric equipment, scrap components, laptops, desktops, LCD screens, modems, routers, telecommunication equipment, networking hardware, and servers.

Instant Onsite Data Destruction Service in San Antonio, Texas

E-Cycle Enterprises is bringing secure and confidential hard drive destruction services to all of the San Antonio, TX area. We will ensure that your hard drives are completely destroyed before being properly recycled. Our team of technicians will travel to your establishment to remove, and destroy any hard drive you want recycled. Our hard drive crushing tools apply enough pressure to shatter the internal components, rendering the device useless, and data theft impossible!. After the hard drive has been decommissioned, all storage devices are securely transported back to our facilities for proper dismantling and end of cycle recycling.